Un nouveau membre dans la famille Gemini : Le Gemini 3.


Lien de connexion par TEAMS  , Jeudi 3/12/2020 - 17h00

ZEISS GeminiSEM 560 raises the bar for surface-sensitive, distortion-free high resolution imaging. The introduction of the Gemini 3 design, consisting the Nano-twin lens and the new Smart Autopilot electron optical engine, enables magnetic field-free imaging with sub 1 kV resolution below 1 nm – without the need for sample biasing or monochromation.

Smart Autopilot enables the ease-of-use that is critical for imaging challenging specimens. The greatly increased field of view permits easy sample navigation. The engine drives the electron optics to provide magnifications from 1 × to 2 mio x, taking care of alignment, calibration and focus along the way. This saves you time while making lengthy alignments obsolete.

Autofunctions such as auto-wobble and the new patented autofocus provide clear, crisp images within seconds. Python scripting then uses these features in automated workflows such as 3D STEM tomography.

Pour plus d'information : https://www.zeiss.com/microscopy/int/cmp/mat/21/geminisem/...

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